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>: I've recently been given a VFT as a present. However..
>:        Any other info on keeping them would be appreciated !

>	For what it is worth, here is what I do with mine.  I keep the plastic
>container with the flytrap in a plastic margarine dish filled with water.  I
>think they like a very moist environment.  I keep it in a windowsill where it
>gets lots of indirect sun.  I am not so sure they like direct sun.  But my
>apartment is very warm and I think it likes it that way.  The literature I got
>with mine said to use distilled water or if you must use tap water to let it
>stand open to the air for a day before adding.

If you're in a hard water area, you might want to try collecting rainwater
for your flytrap - they live in acid peat bogs, so limey water will not make
them happy.  I have a vague memory of being told not to use water that's been
filtered with a particular kind of filter (ion-exchange?) cos it has salts in
it that also makes your flytrap unhappy. (Oh, this also means you need to rinse
any soap you use to clean water trays off thoroughly). 

I managed to really confuse the builders across the street this winter by
running around collecting snow to melt for my sundews! (I don't have a flytrap
btw, just my sundews & bladderworts - they're such pretty plants - so all I 
say here is what I got out of books!).

>	Some people think it is OK to give the trap meat as a substitute for
>bugs, but I have read where this is not good.  I think the flytrap can survive
>without eating bugs.  I think it photosynthesizes on its own just fine!
Yep, I've read that it can make the trap rot off.... (If you can find a book
by Adrian Slack on growing insectivorous plants, have a look at it). 

Oh, and ditto the advice about poking the traps to make them close. They
can only close their traps about three times before the trap dies, so if 
they're constantly being triggered off, the traps die off without having 
caught a meal, & this weakens the plant (if you do it enough it'll kill it
I think). Also, don't feed the plant with fertiliser of any kind, cos this
will make the roots rot off.

p.s. About propagating - I'd advise folks to take a look at Adrian Slack's
"Growing Carnivorous Plants" (at least, I think that's what it's called).
p.p.s. If anyone knows the British address of the Carnivorous Plants Society,
please tell me!

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