Lycopersicon/Solanum phylogeny question

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Thu May 11 14:30:51 EST 1995

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>From: jtrue at (John True)
>Subject: Lycopersicon/Solanum phylogeny question
>Date: 11 May 1995 14:11:57 GMT

>I'm interested in divergence of genetic maps between closely related
>species and I was wondering if someone could point me toward a reference
>containing the _estimated time since divergence_ of the Lycopersicon and
>Solanum genera.  A recent literature search came up empty.

Hi, John.
      First, Lycopersicon is probably really just a sister group to some other 
small species group within Solanum, not to Solanum as a whole  (i.e., 
recognizing Lycopersicon as a separate genus instead of as a subgroup of 
Solanum  makes Solanum paraphyletic).  I'm sure there have been some pretty  
recent symposium volumes published on systematics of Solanaceae-- I saw one in 
the herbarium just recently.  I can help you look for it if you like.   Leave 
a note in my mailbox or e-mail me if you want to get together

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