growing seeds at high temperature

Carsten Richter h0367naa at
Wed Nov 1 03:52:06 EST 1995

In article <46u7me$2hi at>, moncorge at (Bruno Moncorge) says:
>I would like to grow seeds from plants requiring a warm temperature 
>(27/30 degrees celsius). Does anyone know how to design an small amateur 
>in-doors greenhouse. Where to get the heat from ? Electrical device ? How 
>to design the device ? Is it possible to buy such a thing ?

You can buy a so called "room-greenhouse". It allows to regulate the
temperature inside.
I just know a german company who sells it 
(VOSS GmbH, phone (in germany) 06136 5071, the price is 350 DM), but I am sure 
you will find such a thing in france, too.

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