seed vitality after storage

JWGruber jwgruber at
Thu Nov 2 09:48:56 EST 1995

I have recently been germinating some 33 year old seeds of morning glories
(Ipomoea violacea = I. tricolor) that had been stored in an ordinary box
in a closet for all those years. I found that while viability was very low
(< 1%), the odd seed or two that does germinate appears to do so quite
quickly (24 - 48 hours) and emergent hypocotyl looks strong and healthy.
The problem I encountered several times, however, was an inability of the
new seedling to shed its seed coat, with the resultant failure of any
epicotyl / embryonic shoot emergence and consequent death of the seedling.

John W. Gruber
Philadlephia College of Pharmacy & Science
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