Learning Chinese Herb by Yourself

Longtian Wang chinagc at abest.com
Thu Nov 2 00:34:10 EST 1995

How to learn Chinese herbal medicine? You may go to TCM school, or
follow some herbal practitioner, or read TCM books, but also you can
learn it through your computer with multimedia technology. This maybe
is much more lively and efficiently. Chinese Herb CD-ROM makes it
possible. It is one of the classical CD-ROM series of traditional
Chinese medicine. It is windows multimedia application for education
and self-consultation.
Chinese Herb includes three major parts: "General Introduction,"
"Systematic Consideration," and "Index of Infectious Diseases."
General introduction introduces the function, processing as well as
application of Chinese medicine. There are the discussions in details
regarding 17 key categories in Chinese medicine, with a total
collection of more than 150 common Chinese medicine and the pictures
of its original herbs.
Chinese Herb is available. Other available TCM CD-ROM titles include
Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Chinese Healthcare, and
Compilation of Channels and Acupoints.

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