Manganese and strawberries.

Allart van Holten allart at
Thu Nov 2 12:05:42 EST 1995

Greatings to you all,

Would there be anybody out there that might know about the influence of 
ganese on the growth of strawberries. Or to be more precise: When using 
roponics to grow strawberies and applying a fertilizer solution 
containing =
2 ppm of Mn, could this result in a build-up of 170 ppm of Mn in the 
, and could this adversely affect the growth?
When growing in earth, would this effect also be seen (if at all).
What would be the ideal amount of Mn in a fertilizer solution for 

If anybody could help me on this, or indicate where to find the 
, I would realy apreciate it.

Allart van Holten
Bogot=E1, Colombia
allart at

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