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>I am a college senior in environmental biology and I am helping a high 
>school student with a project.  We are looking for plant species (aquatic 
>and terrestrial) that are resistant to hard metals, such as those found 
>in mine tailings.  We are looking for species which are able to grow and 
>reproduce in such an environment and also be able to "purify" the water.  
>Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>                Jason A.

Seems to me I have run across research that addresses this indirectly in the
Journal of Arboriculture but the research wasn't specifically performed to
look for trees to grow in mine tailings.  I have a book titled "Ecological
Biochemistry" which does deal with this topic but the author escapes me.  I will
look it up if you are interested.

I believe that Ailanthus altissima (Tree-of-heaven) might be a good choice
as it thrives on abuse.  I'm sure somewhere along the way such reasearch
has been published in Forest Science as foresters are often called on to reforest
mined areas.  Try the agroforestry newsgroup and ask them.

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