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>> > 1.  I have an investation of slugs in my vegetable garden. What is
>> > best non-chemical means of dealing with this infestation?
>There should be a product at a local garden store for slugs--the one
>thinking of is some sort of fine shredded glass, or other sharp
>When the slugs slither over it, they get killed.  Slugs are terrible,
>have little teeth on thier toungues and lick the leaves of plants,
>essentially shredding them.
>Goodluck, GS
>>>Slugs are naturally occurring in nature's fine balance of control
>>>such as the predators that keep pests off. Their cousins in the
>>>tropics can be leaches. Did you know that the leach is a full up
>>>ambulatory hospital. For the price of some blood they provide
>>>anesthetics and antibiotics as well. They are still being used to
>>>debris wounds, and do that job well. I don't like either myself. A
>>>natural bait is beer on a can lid. They drink themselves away! Ever
>>>heard of "Jose Cuervo you are a friend of mine?". That's country
>>>gold! Cheers...................Micro.

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