Thierry MINGUET minguet at
Mon Nov 6 05:43:27 EST 1995

I had that kind of problem too.
To produce seedlings, place your nursery on a table that you can do easy 
yourself with sticks, and place poison or abrasive material at the 
bottom of the table's feet.
In the garden itself, you may burry cutted cans or bottles in a way that 
the slugs can "walk" in it. In those "pots", pour any centimeters of 
BEER (even old or garbage beer). Slugs like beer so much that they "run" 
into the pots and drown themself. You have to empty the pots of drowned 
slugs an pour new beer.
A good way of working is to combine ways sending to pots with the 
"abrasive system" an other answer explained to you.
Good luck and greetings from Belgium.

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