Boron Tolerance

Michael L Roginsky d_micro at
Mon Nov 6 17:22:49 EST 1995

In <47hjvc$3d5 at> mifoth at (Mi foth) writes: 
>I am looking for the definitive list of ornamental trees, shrubs and
>ground covers that can tolerate a soil boron level of up to 2.0 ppm.
>anyone assist? Thank you.
>Michael Fotheringham, Landscape Architect
>Michael Fotheringham
>>>Mike look at plants that grow near the Mojave area in the Mojave
>>>desert. The level of boron is quite high in that area. In fact
>>>the 20 mule boron mine is still running, no longer with mules tho.
>>>All that vegetation "love" to have a drink of water...possibly can
>>>be relocated and do well. The only problem I see is the need for
>>>real sun, that is, lots of UV that occur in the high desert due to
>>>lack of moisture in the atmosphere. I lived in that deset many years
>>>and love the climate, even though its sandy and very windy.
>>>Let me know what you come up with.........MikeR. a.k.a. Micro.

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