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>My rose garden became infected with rose gall and is there a cure short
>of removing the plants? I live in the San Fernando Valley Area of
>Southern California
The gall you are refering to is most likely Crown Gall caused by the 
bacteria, Agrobacterium tumefaciens.  Unfortunately, this bacteria is soil 
borne so sanitation is only part of the cure.  To make matters worse,  this 
bacteria has the broadest host range of any bacterial pathogen, affecting 
over 600 plant species.  The good new is it is one of the most studied 
plant diseases so information is relatively easy to come by.  I recommend 
starting with "Diseases of Trees and Shrubs" by Sinclair, Lyon and Johnson 
for information on this and almost any other woody plant disease.  It is 
published by Cornell University Press and is cheap at twice the price.

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