Wanted: Info on Neem tree.

Anonymous IU Student student at indiana.edu
Tue Nov 7 18:47:09 EST 1995

I don't know if neem can grow  here in the US.. it is apparently doing 
well in Australia, where it has been introduced from India, its land of 
origin.. in India it grows all over the subcontinental peninsula, and 
does better in the drier and hotter areas, as compared to the coastal 
regions. People in India have been using various parts of this tree  
since many thousands of years, it has an amazing range of medicinal 
appl;ications, one can crush the leaves and have the juice which is very 
bitter) and hardly ever fall sick, alternatively, one can drink the 
decoction .. 15 leaves per serving.. I know for sure the juice is a 
potent blood purifier, as I have used it . Baths with neem oil to get 
rid of ticks ... people also use the leaves , dried, as an insect 
repellant, and it does work.. There's a lot of interest  in neem having 
the potential of being used as a biopesticide.. but there's also 
strangely the urge to patent applications, which is absolutely absurd, 
as applications of Azadirachta indica and its allied species and subspp. 
have been around for a long , long time.
I'd like to hear what are your interests regarding neem.. 

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