Flavr Savr Tomato !!!

Alex Wade alexwade at adx.com
Sun Nov 5 20:16:54 EST 1995

wparrott at uga.cc.uga.edu (Wayne Parrott) wrote:

>Actually, I think that the tomato Jason is referring to is the soon to
>come Endless Summer tomato.  The Flavr Savr has an antisense
>polygalacturonidase gene, which prevents the fruit from softening.
>The idea behind this is not that it will have a longer shelf life on a
>consumer's shelf, but that it can remain on the plant for a longer
>period of time-- that is, it can ripen on the vine, as there is no
>need to harvest it while it is still green.

>Wayne Parrott

It is my understanding, as a shareholder in Calgene Inc., that the
Flavr Savr tomato, sold under the trade name McGregors, is indeed
engineered to NOT Soften when PICKED, because the tomato pulps job is
to nourish the seeds when the tomato (in nature) _falls off the

Calgene figured if the plant could ripen on the vine for a couple more
weeks, it would have more flavor, and would taste better, like
tomatoes grown in our gardens. Instead of ripening to their full
lucios red color in the back of a refrigerated truck, bathed in
nitrogen, or whatever.

I believe Monsanto has also engineered some new tomato too.

Alex Wade

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