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>Is anyone out there working on removing Tree of Heaven within state parks,
>national parks, national forests, or any other types of preserves?  What
>techniques are you using?  What types of habitats are you seeing Ailanthus
>in?  Is anybody seeing Ailanthus in riparian areas? 
>Thanks in advance,
>Roy van de Hoek
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According to M. Dirr in his "Manual of Woody Landscape Plants", there was 
an article published in the Journal of Arboriculture by Peter Feret 
relating to the Tree-of-heaven.  While this "weed" grows unrivaled in areas 
where concrete is abundant, I have only once found it growing in the woods 
and that was out of the cracked foundation of a long abandonded home.  
This tree suckers profusely so it is difficult to erradicate by 
traditional methods.  I doubt this species can handle competition on good 
sites, therefore it may be easier to improve site conditions such that 
desireable species can outcompete the Tree-of-heaven.

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