Flavr Savr Tomato !!!

L.E.Clossick L.E.Clossick at shef.ac.uk
Thu Nov 9 06:02:52 EST 1995

In article <47jngr$5sq at sloth.swcp.com>, alexwade at adx.com (Alex Wade) says:

>It is my understanding, as a shareholder in Calgene Inc., that the
>Flavr Savr tomato, sold under the trade name McGregors, is indeed
>engineered to NOT Soften when PICKED, because the tomato pulps job is
>to nourish the seeds when the tomato (in nature) _falls off the
>Calgene figured if the plant could ripen on the vine for a couple more
>weeks, it would have more flavor, and would taste better, like
>tomatoes grown in our gardens. Instead of ripening to their full
>lucios red color in the back of a refrigerated truck, bathed in
>nitrogen, or whatever.
>I believe Monsanto has also engineered some new tomato too.
>Alex Wade

They do appear to have had very little luck with the 
altered flavour so far though!

There is actually no softening supposed to happen after
picking, the tomatoes are both to stay on the plant longer for increased
flavour, and last longer after picking!!
As far as I know the only way it could soften is by some form of ethylene
addition as this affects a different pathway, that the PG antisense does 
not affect(ACC synthase/oxidase, ethylene production).

I'm actually doing a project on this at the moment, 
has anyone got any really good examples of other transgenic
fruit that have been aleterd either for appearance, 
taste or texture etc, I'd be very grateful!


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