HS student needs help w/ plant experiment

John & Aurora Summerfield jsummerf at ix.netcom.com
Wed Nov 8 22:26:54 EST 1995

A high school student needs help with a science project.  Please post,
reply or send e-mail message to BBRB328 at barms011.b-r.com

A coworker has a daughter that is experimenting with plants using
household chemical solutions to determine the affect.  Examples include
two solutions  -- one at one percent and one at 10 percent mixture of a
common household chemical fed to specific plants.  The observations
over time will suggest the harmful,  and in some cases helpful, affects
observed.   The student is interested in whether others have data on
this type experiment.  I suggest that some may have suggestions to
improve the experimental success.  Also, those with lots of time and
some money may want to participate and submit additional data.

Reply to myself, John Summerfield at jsummerf at ix.netcom.com.
Post and I will forward.
The coworker can be reached at bbrb328 at barms011.b-r.com
When traveling he may be reached at another address if this one is not
responding.  Try   jtoth at b-r.com  I see this on his business card and
have not tried to send to this address.  His phone, 713 575-4067, fax
713 575-5999.


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