Wanted: Info on Neem tree.

Edward K. Gilding egilding at lava.net
Thu Nov 9 01:57:47 EST 1995

>I'd like to hear what are your interests regarding neem.. 
Nit pick nit pick!!!!
thats all im good for

It does grow here in the US, here in Hawaii

It likes the hotter, drier parts.  So far, unfortunately the biggest 
industry for Neem here is selling a dozen or so at the local garden shop.

I dont think anyone has really explored the possibilities here.

And yes, pantenting is absurd, but hey, why not, everyone seems to be 
seeing dollar bills and itchy pocketbooks.  Whats wrong with regulating 
natural products, just as long as people pay money.

(Im being sarcastic)

If they do patent this stuff, you know the price will go up, demand will 
go down, and so will the industry.

Perhaps So. Cal. could be used to grow this tree?

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