large lakes and phytogeography continued

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>the first note has an address error.   this is my real address.   again, i am
>interested in plant geography in the boreal areas as affected by 
>limnoclimate is the meso- and microclimatic modification by large lakes.   my
>present research focuses on islands and shorelines of Baikal and Superior, 
>i'd like any "clues" on other areas as well.

You'll probably want "Regional Landscape Ecosystems of Michigan" 1986 by Denny 
Albert, Shirley R. Denton and Buton V. Barnes.  Order through the  Burton V. 
Barnes,  School of Natural Resources,  University of Michigan  48109-1115.  
There is also a three state map and report (Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota) 
in press by Dennis Albert of the Michigan Natural Features Inventory, Stevens 
T. Mason Building,  P.O. Box 30444, Lansing, MI 48909-7944.  These documents 
classify landscape ecoregions that develop under the influence of local 
climate and landform (surface geology).  

You may also be interested in "Flora and Vegetation of the Apostle Islands 
National Lakeshore and Madeline, Island, Ashland and Bayfield Counties, 
Wisconsin"  By Emmet J. Judziewicz and Rudy G. Koch published in The Michigan 
Botanist  Vol. 32, No. 2, March 1993.  Any other articles by Emmet J. 
Judziewicz will also likely be helpfull.  He has done excellent botanical work 
around the Great Lakes States.

For Ideas to expand your range into areas with a variety of existing 
information, I would expect that Lake Tahoe, California; Lake Titicaca (sp?) 
Peru; Lake Victoria, Africa; Great Slave Lake, Canada; and expanding Lake 
Superior to the entire Great Lakes Basin.  The Great Lakes have a major 
influence over local climate.


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