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>Dear fellow plant people,
>        I am in a Freshman Lab Prep guy who is in charge of finding some 
>new and exciting labs for Freshman.  The Class is titled BIO 114, 
>Organismic Biology.  The first half of the class is animal based with the 
>second half being plants (yeahh).  If you could refer me to labs that you 
>know work, please reply.  You can post it to the group or personally to :

>        s001ipf at

>                                        Thanks!
>                                        Isaac Forquer

There are lots of labs that work.  My favorite is photosynthesis in which 
the students find out how the various pigments can be extracted from 
variegated leaves and then they find out where starch is being produced.  
Sounds pretty basic (and it's not the whole lab, there also also more 
boring sections dealing with oxygen production and CO2 absorption), but most 
students are really amazed and at the same time they learn about compound 
separation in different solvents.  Chromatography can be introduced as well.

My second favorite is cellular respiration.  Students grow seedlings in 
oxygen and in oxygen-free environment to determine how important respiration 
is to developing seedlings.  Unfortunately, students don't seem to 
understand this as well as they understand photosynthesis.  They're 
convinced that plants make oxygen and, therefore, they don't NEED it.  They 
assume that plants always have chlorophyll until they get to the part where 
they dissect a seed and see that the little embryo is white as a ghost.

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