Gary V. Deutschmann, Sr. raiar at
Fri Nov 10 09:44:08 EST 1995

bronsonm at (Michael Bronson) wrote:

>Re: tv commercial with a runaway football player pounding through the desert 
>into and over two cacti.
>Can anyone help me find the e-mail address for Budweiser? I would like to ask 
>them why they have to destroy cacti to promote football and beer?
>Not so amusing a commercial in today's environmentally enlightened society!

Hi Mike

I would take a closer look at the commercial and verify that the cacti
are in-fact REAL and also that what you are viewing is not a computer
generated animation.

I have a friend who is a set-designer and make-up artist in the
commercial advertising industry.  He just completed a commercial about
drunk drivers.  The car crashes into a tree, complete with bark
pealing away from the tree and sap dripping onto the bumper.
As realistic as it appeared, the tree was fake as was the underlayers
including the sap.
The scene was made to appear as if it was taken by a person with a
video camera as the accident actually happened, down to the little
numbers in the display.
I can assure you this was a re-enactment, done on a stage set.

FWIW:  How many lifeforms do you kill each time you mow your grass?


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