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>Re: tv commercial with a runaway football player pounding through the desert 
>into and over two cacti.

>Can anyone help me find the e-mail address for Budweiser? I would like to ask 
>them why they have to destroy cacti to promote football and beer?  Not so 
>amusing a commercial in today's environmentally enlightened society! Mike

I think you missed the point.  Destroying stuff (whether it's one's brain 
cells, endangered AND unendangered species, or the planet, etc.) is what 
modern society is all about.  It's funs to destroy.  People want to be like 
God who destroys with His left hand what His right hand created (B. 
Traven, The Night Visitor).  Furthermore, being "environmentally-
enlightened" has become just one more politically-correct value to be 
scorned.  Budweiser and most of its many patrons could care less.

I'm not amused either, but I don't watch or own a TV so I don't see stuff 
like this.

"El estado normal de Espa¤a es decadencia permanente."

Jos‚ Ortega y Gasset

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