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Re: Ailanthus altissima
: southwest and California.  It has a long history of folk use in China as
: an antiamoebic agent.  Professional Chinese practitioners seem to use it
: very seems rather to have been a homely
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Besides the mention of the plant being used in traditional Chinese 
medicine, the Duke/Foster book "Medicinal Plants" (Peterson) says that it 
has recently been shown to contain "at least 3 potent anti-malarial 

And if memory serves me, in the Millspaugh book, "American Medicinal 
Plants," it was said that it was the most written about tree in America at 
the time of the writing of the book (late 1800's) and I think the book 
stated that one of the reasons it was widely planted in cities was that 
people felt that it helped to ward off malaria.

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