Jeremy Lovell-Smith chen159 at csc.canterbury.ac.nz
Fri Nov 10 20:59:13 EST 1995

I have three questions.

I have been involved in growing Marguerite Daisies for some years now. 
They are sometimes known (apparently incorrectly) as crysanthemum 
frutescens (?), but at some time were reclassified.
Does anybody know the correct botanical name and its history?

Does anybody know of any books or other references to these daisies... 
apart from incidental mentions in general plant guides?

I  also want to know how to enable daisies to last longer as a cut flower 
in the summer. Putting a drop of bleach (or less) in the water keeps the 
water from turning brown and smelly, but wilting is a problem.


Jeremy Lovell-Smith

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