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:>Hello everybody,
:>I'm collecting data for a study about the origin of maize. I'm having a 
:>hard time doing it. PLEASE e-mail an info you've got about the subject.
:>It's urgent.
:>Thank you!
:If I recall correctly there was an article in National Geographic magazine 
:just a few years ago on maize.    That should be a good place to start your 
:search for information.    Tom McCloud

There is an excellent chapter written on the topic.  Galinat, WC 1988  The
origin of corn.  In: Corn and Corn Improvement 3rd Edition, Sprague, GF,
Dudley, JW. Eds., American Society of Agronomy Publishers, Madison WI, Pp
1 - 31.  

Also, one should read: 
Beadle, GW  1980  The ancestry of corn. Sci. Am. 242(1):112-119. 
Mangelsdorf, PC 1986 The origin of Corn  Sci. Am.  Aug: 80-86

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