Grad schools...

Robbin L. G. Long c638414 at
Sat Nov 11 21:14:56 EST 1995

I am a grad student myself in plant biochemistry at the University of  Missouri at Columbia.  
Though systematics is not quite my bag, we have a great interdisciplinary plant group  here at 
Mizzou that, despite budget pinches all over, remains pretty  well funded Write to:

Interdisciplinary Plant Group
c/o Department of BIochemistry
University of Missouri
117 Schweitzer Hall
Columbia, MO 65202

ATTN: Dr. Doug Randall

The Program is overseen by the Dept. of Biochemistry, but is truly interdisciplinarry.  Anyway, 
write to Doug and ask for information.  He's a great guy and will heelp you out.

ps. my text editor is malfunctioning pretty badly, so excuse any  really garbled words.

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