Germination Trials

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A couple of good general references for seed germination and germination
methodology is:

Bradbeer, J.W. 1988. Seed Dormancy and Germination. Chapman and Hall. New
York. 146 pp.

Young, J.A. and C.G. Young. 1986. Seeds of Wildland Plants. Timber Press.
Portand, Oregon. 236 pp.

The second reference also gives specific germination details for a good
number of genera and species of plants.  For example, according to Young
and Young, "seeds of twisted Acacia (Acacia schaffneri) required
scarification in concentrated sulfuric acid for marked germination. 
Scarification for 45 minutes is required."

Another good reference for seed germination, but from a natural seed bank
perspective is:

Leck, M.A., V.T. Parker and R.L. Simpson. 1989. Ecology of Soil Seed
Banks. Academic Press Inc. San Diego, California. 461 pp.

Check out the chapter on Seed banks and the management and restoration of
natural vegetation (Chpt. 15).

Hope this helps,
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