walnut trees

Eleanor "Sam" Saulys SaulysER at MASPO2.MAS.YALE.EDU
Wed Nov 15 09:13:52 EST 1995

In article <48ccrf$mnc at mserv1.dl.ac.uk> LOGAND <logand at msdos.ensam.inra.fr> writes:

>Bill wrote:

>>Hi: I've read that certain plants won't grow near mature black walnut
>trees. I
>>had the pleasure of witnessing this phenomenon this summer. Most of the
>>in my vegetable garden grew to a couple of feet tall and then wilted. The

FWIW, I have observed this effect near plantings of ornamental eucalyptus as 
well. The small, raised bed containing it was covered with crabgrass by 
summer's end. The crabgrass avoided the eucalyptus growing area entirely.

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