Transformation Stability

Brandt Cassidy bgcassidy at
Thu Nov 16 09:21:37 EST 1995

In article <4842m2$9pr at>, (Jason) wrote:

> I was wondering if anyone had any info. on stability of transformed
> plants after 3+ generations. By stability I mean no loss in activity
> of the integrated transgene.  I have heard that in some cases, after a
> few generations, the gene loses activity.  Is it possible that the
> genome might slowly reject this foreign DNA, and via gamete formation,
> the transgene is slowly (or rapidly) crossed out?  Just a thougt.  
>                                 Jason
>                                 jjgo at

The cases I know of involve downregulation of plant genes through
co-suppression. Originally the genes are down regulated but over
generations the downregulation is lost. This is usually due to methylation
of the transgene and loss of activity. I have had GUS and virus coat
protein plants for up to 4 generations without loss of expression.

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