Genus/species name for Barlett pear

Thomas Confal ez054530 at
Tue Nov 14 23:40:57 EST 1995

In article <48ahk5$82n at>, wojcik at (wojcik) says:
>        Can someone please tell me the correct species name for the Barlett
>Pear? I know the genus is Pyrus, but I can't locate the name of the species.
>I hope it's betulifolia, 'cause I've got 10 of them potted up, ready to
>graft in the Spring. Hope I didn't order the wrong species.
>        Anyway, if someone could please confirm the correct genus and species
>name I would greatly appreciate it.
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Sorry to inform you but Pyrus betulafolia is the standard ROOT STOCK used for bartlet pears.
The botanical name for bartlet pear is Pyrus communus.

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