Althea zebrina or Malva sylvestris (Braveheart)

Cynthia Donahey cdonahey at
Thu Nov 16 22:04:44 EST 1995

This is a hardy perennial in zone 5 or 6. I bought seeds (from Park I
think) years ago as Althea Zebrina. It's pictured on page 37 of Thompson
& Morgan's current catalogue as Althea Braveheart.  Earlier  this year, a
fellow g gardener called it a mallow. When I realizezed that the plant
she had given me was already in my garden underer another name, I decided
to taste it.  The  flower and the unripe seed pods both seem to edible.
The flower is very mild.  This plant blooms prolifically in the fall. 
Does anyone know anything about this flower.  It reseeds prolifically. I
usually discourage summer bloom.   


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