O2, CO2 and trees?

Thomas Confal ez054530 at ucdavis.edu
Tue Nov 14 23:36:27 EST 1995

In article <488msj$fju at ixnews7.ix.netcom.com>, cleanusa at ix.netcom.com (Henri D Harness ) says:
>OK, I know trees come in all shapes and sizes, but I'm looking for a
>fair general answer or a range to the following related questions:
>1.  How much oxygen does the average tree produce?
>2.  How much carbon dioxide does the average tree produce?
>The sad fact is, I've read these numbers somewhere, but for the life
>of me, I don't recall.  I'd much appreciate answers and, if possible,
>sources.  It's become one of those questions that incessantly pesters
>the mind.
>I'd appreciate e-mail.

I'm not sure you will find an exact answer for all trees. The amount of production depends on severl things: The type of tree
( pine vs broad leaf), the amount of stomatas present, the amount of light the leaves are recieving for photosynthasis,
if the tree is growing with out stress for best growth, etc. If  you do find a number, see if its for a given
set of paramiters. 
	I am very intrested if the number exists.

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