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Fri Nov 17 17:15:18 EST 1995

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>On Thu, 09 Nov 1995 23:09:53 GMT, alwang at bu.edu (Allen Wang) wrote:
>>Does anyone know if teas have antibacterial properties?
>>If you do, please send me the list of teas.
>Doubtful, since there have been some recent bacterial poisonings from
>iced tea in this area.  I note that this was the black tea that is
>commonly used for dark tea.
>Matthew Klein
>mkklein at cinti.net
>>>Tea made from Eucaliptus leaves appear to have a very positive
>>>effect in treating cold related infections. I don't know what
>>>the active ingrient(s) are, all I know it is used in 3rd world
>>>countries with success. MikeR...............

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