Spider mite infested palms

Vargas vargas at freenet.calgary.ab.ca
Fri Nov 17 12:22:55 EST 1995

Hi Jim plus other bug-ridding experts,

> I've successfully used Schultz-Instant Insect Spray for Houseplants.
> It's in a pump spray, yellow and red bottle.
> Spray them both, including the undersides.  Repeat the process several
> times if necessary.  You may lose if you're too late, but give it a try.
> Check your other plants and spray them too (if they are of the type that
> can be sprayed.).
> ---
> Jim Yorton
> jjy at xnet.com

Which are the plants which CANNOT be sprayed? 

I have noted a charming tiny red spider on our table. My kids later found 
more, but I had no idea they are a PEST until my plants started showing 
distress. Some seem to have their roots rotting (as they fall off) and 
lose leaves (diffenbachia, others). I sprayed those, but lost them ALL.

Now, I have discovered some white/green bugs which cluster on the
underleves of several of my begonias, genranium and now even my avocado
plants.The plants are showing signs of great distress. Are these red 
spider-related? are they aphids? HELP.

Should I (CAN I) spray the above named plants? Should I spray the soil too?

I worry the pests may spread to my rubber plant, ficus tree and ferns (DO 
THEY?) I'm afraid this is in epidemic proportions...

Thanks for any help/advice you can give me at this stage.


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