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Thomas Confal ez054530 at ucdavis.edu
Thu Nov 16 22:41:04 EST 1995

In article <4880pk$mm9 at taco.cc.ncsu.edu>, Clifton Scott Braswell <csbraswe> says:
>I am doing a report in Plant Pathology and I am looking for any information
>on the following diseases as they occur on Euonymus Japonicus: Crown Galls,
>Anthracnose, Mildew.
>Specifically, I need to describe the diseases in detail, incl. symptoms,
>conditions under which they develope, and the pathogen that causes the disease.
>If you could inclide any characteristics on how the pathogen looks under a
>microscope I feel as though I could use that info. to score extra points..
>Also if you could recommend any Fungicides, or any chemicals to help reduce the
>sverity of the diseases that would be helpful.  I will develope a Intergrated
>Pest Managment plan to try toi avoid the use of chemicals. 
>Note: I am not asking that someone dothis report for me, these are just a few
>things that i am having trouble finding information on and even if I could be
>directed as to where to look for this information it would be a great help...
>If anyone has any input please contact me at e-mail: csbraswe at unity.ncsu.edu
>                                                Ph.#: (919) 512-4355
>Again thanks for any information you have to offer...
>                                        THANKS,
>                                        SCOTT BRASWELL

Try "Diseases that feed on trees and shrubs" by Sinclair, W.A. , H.H. Lyon, and W.T. Johnson. 
This book is good for photo and discritions. Anothe is Wescott's Plant Disease Handbook
 (Fifth edition) by Kenneth Horst. This one has good sketches and disease cycles.

Good luck

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