Juli S Biro jbiro at
Sun Nov 19 18:33:09 EST 1995

Hello everybody!  It's me, Juli, the grad student that's interested in 
Passiflora information.  I just wanted to thank everyone who wrote back 
to me and gave me some information.  Some of it has proven quite 
helpful.  I've been really busy and haven't had a chance to write to many 
of you directly, yet.  I do plan to get in touch with a few of you 
through e-mail.  There is one more thing however, I have recently found 
out that I will be doing research on PASSIFLORA BIFLORA.  Interestingly 
enough, I haven't found any information on this particular species!!  If 
anybody has information on this exact species, it would be much 
appreciated if you would pass it on to me.  Like I said, I've been very 
busy with courses, assistant teaching, etc..., therefore I haven't had 
much time for research.  I'm sure I will find information on my own, 
however, any help getting started would be great!!

Thanks again, 

*  Juli Biro   Horticultural Science  (jbiro at *

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