Hedge Apples (Osage Oranges)

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Sun Nov 19 20:08:44 EST 1995

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cdonahey at freenet.columbus.oh.us (Cynthia Donahey) writes: 
>Do they have any use?  Are they a good deterrent against insects? 
>chemical substances do they contain?  

    According to the audubon society's field guide to n. american
trees, osage orange WOOD has been used for archery bows (hence the name
'bodark' from french 'bois d'ark'-meaning bow wood), and fence posts.
A yellow dye can be extracted from the BARK.  The FRUIT is eated by
livestock, hence the name 'horse apple'.
    From my own experience, the fruit makes a good, inexpensive ball
for use in the game Monkey in the Middle. Hence the name 'monkey ball

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