Help--Algal? ID

Ken Kellman 75517.1724 at CompuServe.COM
Tue Nov 21 00:35:03 EST 1995

I have found a colony of small, grass-green, unbranched plants 
(~8mm tall, .20mm diameter) with a small brown tip that has a 
ovoid structure with a mammilate tip. Under the microscope it 
has stomata like pores along the stem. The "root" is uncolored, 
and may have many of the brown structures like the ones at the 
tip of the plant... at least I found many of them in the sandy 
soil around the "root". An old key led me to the genus 
Oedocladium, but they are branched. If anyone can give me a clue 
or point me to someone that can help I would appreciate it. 
Ken Kellman
Ben Lomond, CA


Ken Kellman 75517.1724 at

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