MAIZE INFO, please read

KNNNCY knnncy at
Tue Nov 21 11:52:14 EST 1995

Glad to help
5 authors are essential for your info search:
Maize Zea mays specifically would not be complete without comments fro
Mangelsdorf, Paul
Galinat, Walton
Iltis, Hugh
I hope my spelling is correct, and my apologies to any other reputable
sources, I'm just recalling mentally.
For centers of origin generally, try
Vavilov, fn? Ivanovich(?)
de Candellot (sp?)
If you have trouble locating these (I'd seriously go straight to an old
faithful real library for this one, preferably a good one and maybe a good
librarian, who are truly indispensable), write back. I know that
Mangelsdorff was knowledgable about origins and hybridizing, as are
Galinat and Iltis, who held a spirited debate in the letters section of
Science magazine in the early 80's. Check Teosinte and Tripsacum, two of
the possible ancestral lines (mesoamerica): before mesoamericans, other
native americans, then the rest of us started breedingd corn.

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