Hyperaccumulators, info request

Todd A Anderson etox at iastate.edu
Wed Nov 22 09:22:41 EST 1995

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Kenneth J McNeil <mcnei002 at maroon.tc.umn.edu> wrote:
>My wife is working on a project to reclaim an industrial area polluted 
>with heavy metals and hydrocarbons. She asked me for info, since I'm a 
>plant science graduate student, but I didn't have much information.
>Any help with references (books, articles) or other sources of 
>information would be appreciated.

Try searching the following names:
Alan Baker   Sheffield, UK
Rich Meagher  Univ. of Georgia
Scott Cunningham  DuPont
Illya Raskin  Rutgers
Jerry Schnoor  Univ. of Iowa
Norman Terry  Univ. of CA, Berkeley

for starters.


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Pesticide Toxicology Laboratory
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