Spider mite infested palms

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jjy at xnet.com (James Yorton) wrote:

>In bionet.plants Nick.Dondo at mail.utexas.edu (Nicolas F. Arredondo) writes:
>: I've got an areca palm and a king palm that are both
>: infested with (what I believe to be) spider mites.
>: Is there anything that I can do to try to save them?
>I've successfully used Schultz-Instant Insect Spray for Houseplants.
>It's in a pump spray, yellow and red bottle.
Spider mites are not insects. You can better use a special acaricide.
Your plants are ornamental, so you can use systemic products, absorbed
by the plant without harm for it. The spider feeding on the plant will
be killed. You can find a lot of different commercial products. 
Be carefull, systemic products often are poisonous.
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