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Nov 21, 1995
                ** OVER 200 FILES AVAILABLE **
                     **  OVER 3.3 MEG  **
Our web site at http://www.winternet.com/~insthemp  has been updated.
The mirror sites at:
  http://hemp.org/INSTHEMP     and
should be updated in the next few days.

           ******  Changes to the site include: ********
We are going to have speakers giving presentations at the 
University of Wisconsin in Dec.

We have added a slew of new news items so check the link to our
News/Update area.

We have added four sound clips from the USDA Film "Hemp for Victory".
Coming SOON..... Video Clips from Hemp for Victory.

* INTERVIEW WITH WILLIE NELSON - We have an semi inter-active interview
with Singer Songwriter Willie Nelson. Read the question and click to
read Willie's answer.

* TRUE HEMP JOURNAL VOL 6#2 - A New issue of the True Hemp Journal is now
available on line.  This is the July/Aug 95 Issue. 

All of these can be accessed from * WHAT IS ON THIS SITE * and by
checking the "New Items/Major Changes to the Site" area.

      ********   IN COMING UPDATES TO OUR SITE:   ********
* USDA Produces White Paper on Hemp - This past summer the USDA
prepared a report on Hemp as an alternative crop to tobacco.  We have
published the report in the Nov/Dec Issue of our Magazine.  The
magazine sold out so we will making this important document available
on line.

* Video clips of Hemp for Victory - We found someone to donate the
digitizing of the USDA Film.  We will be offering clips of the film on
our site in coming updates.

* Hemp Survey - We have a form developer who is donating some forms and
scripts so that we can conduct anonymous survey's.

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