Hyperaccumulators, info request

wallsgrove wallsrover at salty.agvic.gov.au
Thu Nov 23 21:17:49 EST 1995

In article <mcnei002.817017587 at maroon.tc.umn.edu>,
>Kenneth J McNeil <mcnei002 at maroon.tc.umn.edu> wrote:
>>My wife is working on a project to reclaim an industrial area polluted 
>>with heavy metals and hydrocarbons. 
>>Any help with references (books, articles) or other sources of 
>>information would be appreciated.
In addition to the other names people have suggested, try Prof. 
Steve McGrath at IACR Rothamsted.  He has active research programmes 
on cleaning up soils using hyperaccumulators.
His e-mail address is steve.mcgrath at bbsrc,ac,uk.
Fax: +44 1582 760981

Roger Wallsgrove

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