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Fri Nov 24 01:52:42 EST 1995

Robert Cannings (rob at wrote:
: Try nematodes for slugs sold as Natures Friends Slug Control in the UK. 
: Add to water, drench soil and the search out the slugs. Easy.

	Here in Oregon, slug capitol of North America, we have had good 
results with diatomaceous earth. It consists of the hard skeletal 
structures of microscopic diatoms, and when sprayed out of a duster 
effectively produces and endless bed of knives which cause millions of 
tiny cuts in the slug's tissues, causing its fluids to drain away.  
Rather horrid to contemplate but it's them or us.  Must be renewed after 
rains and try not to breathe it or get it in eyes.
	Out in the woods we get lovely brick-red or yellow and 
blackspotted slugs up to six inches long.  A real treat to have leaving a 
chilly glue trail across the palm of the hand!


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