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> 	Does anyone have any recommendation for plants which are look 
> like brains?  I have a small cactus which looks very much like a brain, 
> and had a Celosia, or Chinese Woolflower which resembled a soft, fuzzy 
> yellow brain, but it just reached the end of its annual career. I got 
> five or six seeds out of it so may be able to grow some next year.
> 	If you've seen or heard of any other plants which produce 
> roundish convoluted brainlike structures I'd like to hear of them.  It's 
> just such a funny idea.  
> 	Thanks,
> 	N
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don't forget the fruit of the Osage Orange.

some fungi have vaguely brain-like fruiting bodies, e.g  Morchella,
( i know, they're not *really* plants, they're fungi. )

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