Growing Medium Question

Dave Johnson djohnson at
Mon Nov 27 07:02:28 EST 1995

Happy Holidays all!

	I was christmas shopping in one of the local stores this weekend, and
I came across something called the 'Pet Plant'. The plant could have been 
anything from eggplant to small ferns, to cherry tomatoes, but the selling
point of the package was the plastic growing container with a gelatinous
growing medium in the bottom.

	I read the container hoping to find some sort of chemical 
information about what the medium was/contained to no avail. Does anyone 
out there have any idea what it could be? The mediums came in a variety 
of colors and the containers were rather small so it struck me as some 
sort of germination aiding gel... but I'm probably way off base. =)

	I'm also curious to know if this could be used/manufactured into
a long term growing solution. I'm going to pick up one of these 'pet 
plants' tonite to see if there's any enlightening documention inside. 
I'll post any findings I make.

	My end goal is create a small greenhouse, perhaps the size of a 
small aqaurium for my Mom... The challenge is to make it as hassle free 
as possible to compensate for Mom's notorious 'black thumb.' As I am a 
mechanical engineer, a small self contained environment is no problem to 
manufacture, but a suitable growing medium represents the challenge. Mom 
seems to kill everything that grows in soil... I'm not sure how, she just 
does. Any suggestions for flowers or plants to grow in the 'greenhouse'
would be appreciated as well.

As I'll be heading into the downtown area tonite, any info you can 
provide today would be extremely helpful!!!

Thanks in advance!


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