Help! Carnation (Dianthus spp.) seed collector

Chris Heider heiderc at
Mon Nov 27 19:40:10 EST 1995


I would begin a search (I believe available by WWW) of the USDA-ARS National 
Clonal Germplasm Repository collections.  I know that here in Corvallis, 
Oregon (USA) there are collections of mainly fruit crops (such as Rubus, 
Pinus, and Fragaria).  I think there are at least 5 of such repositories 
in the USA, each specializing in different germplasm.Sorry, I do not have 
the addresses available, but I know they are out there!

Best of Luck!

Chris Heider

On 12 Nov 1995, B. Joon Ahn wrote:

> I'm collecting carnation germplasms for breeding purposes.  Anyone 
> know Institutions or personels who collect the plants and are willing
> to release the materials.  Please, let me know the adresses or E-mail
> adresses.
> B. Joon Ahn  munje at

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