dissolving leaf mesophyll

Catherine DeLong cdelong at pbi.nrc.can
Tue Nov 28 17:30:06 EST 1995

Ithink that these are mostly collected from forest floors where 
earthworms have pulled leaves down into their burrows and chewed away 
the soft parts.  I have collected large perfectleaves of maples in 
Michigan in the forest and in Oregon too. They were nicely rolled up in 
their little burrows or just lieing on the forest floor.  It is easier to 
spot the rolled up ones than the flat ones.  
In article <49davb$r9l at ixnews3.ix.netcom.com>, rahaynes at ix.netcom.com 
>Does anyone know the procedure and chemicals needed to dissolve the
>mesophyll from a leaf leaving the veins intact? (leaf skeleton).  I've
>seen these "leaf skeletons" used in art projects and can be bought at
>floral shops but "how do they do that"?  Any information would be most
>helpful.  Thank you.
>rahaynes at ix.netcom.com

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