Any info on Plumbago Zeylanica?

Rick Palmer rick at
Wed Nov 29 02:47:51 EST 1995

aegeas at (Aegeas) wrote:
>I've recently found, with the help of this  newsgroup, a salt absorbing
>plant called plumbago zeylanica.  Problem is, I'm having problems finding
>info on it.  Any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.
>Beney Lee

_Plumbago zeylanica_L. is a sprawling shrub native to coastal dunes, dry 
forest and shrublands of the Old World tropics and the Hawaiian Islands.
In Hawaii, it grows from sea level to 610 m. elevation, and is becoming 
more commonly used in drought tolerant landscaping.  No other info on its 
salt absorbing qualities, though, except that, since it is _mainly_ a 
coastal plant, it is salt tolerant.  Its Hawaiian name is 'Ilie'e (ee 
lee ay' ay).


Rick Palmer

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