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>>While this "weed" grows unrivaled in areas 
>>where concrete is abundant, I have only once found it growing in the
>>and that was out of the cracked foundation of a long abandonded home.  

>Hmmm, you know, I had not even thought about this.  Here in N. California
>it is known as the Chinese Tree of Heaven because everywhere there is,was
>a Chinese settlement this tree can be found. So, in the delta, in San
>Francisco, and in the Gold Country this tree can be seen all along the
>highways.  But now that you mention it, when getting back into the
>indigenous growth, there is no Tree of Heaven.  It does seem to live
>everywhere dosn't it.  After all, it is the Tree that Grows in Brooklyn,
>now isn't it.

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Well I wish the bloody thing wouldn't grow here! It's a real nuisance.
The worst infestation I've seen around here covered about 300 square
metres, and was impenetrable. It was sited on the top of a hill, on a
Its a declared noxious weed in this part of the world, and can be
found in every situation, from urban to rural.
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