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Jean DEXHEIMER dexheime at
Wed Nov 29 16:07:48 EST 1995

I study the ultrastructure of cambial cells of spruce and I have some problems for the interpretations
of the results specially concerning the plastids.
In the plastid matrix, I observed one or two large fingerprint-like inclusions. With cytochemical
reactions and EELS, I identified proteins. Are these inclusions common in cambial cells ? Is
something known about their function ?
In the matrix of the same plastids, I observed fusiform inclusions like small starch grains. The
polysaccharide reaction is positive, but also the reaction for proteins and with the EELS I find
nitrogen. Perhaps, it is a young starch grain at the begining of the deposit of  polysaccharides on a
net of proteins. Could you suggest me an other interpretation.
I control the cytochemical reactions and EELS with plastids of cortical cells. In these cells, the starch grains react only with the test of polysaccharides
and I never find nitrogen with EELS.
Thank you very much for you help.
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